The best way to audit your Facebook lists (bookmarklet)

One of the most important features of Facebook is ability to have lists. Lists, in case you don’t know, is like Google+’s Circles. They allow you to group your social connections. This means efficient management of who sees what content. I use lists a lot and if it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be using Facebook.

Recently I visited a friend’s profile and noticed that he wasn’t on any of my lists. With no list membership, I had little to no content available for him. If I remember correctly, I did assign lists to him. Perhaps the network requests didn’t go though? Perhaps Facebook’s database write failed? Who knows…

One thing’s for sure, it was luck that led me to discover this issue. I wondered, why isn’t there an easy and quick way to see which lists friends are in without having to check one by one? Facebook does provide a way to see all friends associated with specific lists. However, considering people have hundreds to thousands of friends, it’s not practical to find people that aren’t correctly associated.

I wanted to solve this problem…so I quickly put together a bookmarklet. A bookmarklet acts like a bookmark, which just runs some JavaScript code. My code works only with your browser and Facebook’s servers, so you can rest assured of your privacy. Just create a bookmark and set the url to be this: facebook lists audit. You might be able to just drag and drop this link to your bookmark bar. Then visit this url and click on the bookmarklet.

If you’re interested in seeing how it works, here’s the uncompressed version.

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